How to Wear Your Midline Elastics

Midline Elastics allow our orthodontists to correct how your smile aligns with the middle of your face. If the doctors have asked you to wear a midline elastic, it is important your follow their instructions. PLEASE NOTE – The video on this page is setup to shift the midlines one direction, which may be the wrong direction for you. If you wear the elastics incorrectly, it could make your smile worse.

Wearing Instructions

Where to Place the Elastic

Unless you have been instructed differently from the orthodontist, you should wear your midline elastic from upper lateral incisor (the lateral incisor is your second tooth from the middle) to the lower lateral incisor on the opposite side. For example, the video shown here has the elastic placed from the upper right lateral incisor to the lower left lateral incisor (remember, viewing these videos is like looking in a mirror, the left side of the video is the right side of your mouth). There are two ways to wear this type of midline elastic:

  • Upper Right Lateral Incisor to Lower Left Lateral Incisor
  • Upper Left Lateral Incisor to Lower Right Lateral Incisor

Which Direction to Place the Elastic

If you do not remember for sure, please call our office. There is an easy way to remember, however. The brackets for the lateral incisor do not come with hooks on them so the orthodontist will have attached hooks to the bracket or the wire right behind the bracket. You should only have the hooks on the correct side of your mouth. Make sure that you are looking at the lateral incisor and not the cuspid (canine/eye tooth) as those brackets do come with hooks on the upper arch.

When to Wear the Elastic

Typically our orthodontists will ask you to wear the midline elastic at nights only. The midline elastic is very visible and can be an annoyance to wear during the day, so nighttime wear is often more bearable for the patient. However, please follow the exact instructions our orthodontists have given you as wearing the elastic more or less than prescribed may have adverse consequences. If you have any questions, please contact our office immediately.

Warning: this page is only for our patients who have been instructed to wear a midline correcting elastic. Do not attempt to wear this type of elastic unless instructed to do so. Even if you think your midlines are off, it is important that you wait until instructed to do so. Our orthodontists move teeth in very specific orders and at specific times. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to discuss them with our orthodontists at your next visit.

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