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What Our Patients Are Saying

They really care and take an interest in each of their patients on a very personal level.
Lee E.
Dr Lingenbrink generously altered his busy schedule to address an orthodontic need of mine.
Marilyn S.
Wow! I am so impressed with my teeth now, and love my smile!
Erin A.
My three boys and I had a wonderful experience and now we have amazing smiles.
Melissa C.

The Experience You Need

Over 49 Years of Experience

Drs. Davis, Lingenbrink, and Anderson combine over 49 years of experience to help you perfect your smile.

Convenient Hours

Appoints available weekdays, evenings, and Saturdays too!

Summit Orthodontics has a rotating schedule that will allow you to find appointments that will fit into your busy schedule.


0% Financing Available

Summit Orthodontics provides a variety of ways to make your new beautiful smile affordable. From zero percent financing to our new Family Plan, we have a program that will work for you.

Introducing the Family Plan

Summit Orthodontic’s family plan is designed to help families cover the cost of quality orthodontic care. The family plan is a financing option that allows qualified families to spread the cost of orthodontic care over the treatment of the entire family.

  • Only $499 to get an entire family signed up for the plan.
  • $199 per month Family Plan Fee
  • $50 per person in treatment fee
  • 40% discount on parents treatment up to $2,000

Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the family plan you must have two or more people in the family and each member must be part of the immediate family. Surgical cases and other complex orthodontic care may not qualify. The family plan requires the billing party is enrolled in our auto pay system, which will charge a credit card monthly. Late payment will disqualify a family from the family plan, and repayment will resume the contractual repayment terms. Invisalign treatments cannot be started in the first year of the family plan agreement unless an additional activation fee of $1,600 is paid. Any treatment discounts will be applied at the end of the family plan agreement, when all other terms and conditions are completed.

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